We offer seven types of funds that allow you to experience the joy of giving. Teach family philanthropy, address your community’s greatest needs, support something you are passionate about, provide scholarships for students, honor a loved one’s memory, or help create sustainability for the nonprofit organization or cause you care about most.


Donor Advised Funds

A simple, flexible and affordable alternative to creating a private foundation. You contribute as often as you like, recommend grants and receive the maximum tax deductions allowed. Our professional and knowledgeable staff handles the administrative duties. Minimum gift amount: $20,000.

Community Impact Funds

A great way to address your community’s highest and immediate needs while assuring that the money for special projects is sustainable over time. No minimum gift amount.

Area of Interest Funds

If your passion is for a specific area like education, arts and culture, the environment and animals, health and human services, religion, or even a geographic area, this is the fund for you. Minimum gift amount: $50,000.

Designated Funds

A great choice if your wish is to benefit a specific organization and its mission, while ensuring its sustainability. Minimum gift amount: $50,000.

Supporting Organizations

An excellent alternative to a private foundation that provides you with independence and influence, less restrictions, and maximum tax benefits. Let our reliable staff handle the administrative oversight. Minimum gift amount: $1 million.

Scholarship Funds

Allow you to develop the criteria and honor a loved one or a specific population of students, while giving back to your community. Minimum gift amount: $1 million.

Nonprofit Endowment Funds

Created by the board of directors of local nonprofits to create constant and permanent revenue sources so the organization can focus on fulfilling its mission. Minimum gift amount: $50,000.


There are many ways to support the organizations and causes you care about most through the SPBCF. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can assist you with creating your own fund, donating to an existing fund, leaving a legacy through planned giving, and supporting our community initiatives. Let us handle the administrative details and share our deep knowledge of the community so you can make a greater giving impact.

Interested in opening a fund? Please contact us!

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